The „Skatheimat” and Otto Pech (Pix)

When at the beginning of the 1920s the director of the local museum under construction asked for help it was in particular extent responsibility of the Altenburgian playing cards factory, under the direction by Carl Schneider, to establish a domicile for centuries-old equipment, printing block and playing cards.

In 1923 in Altenburg castle the first German museum for playing cards arose because the financial benefit of playing cards factory. The museum for playing cards kept its special treasures in a room which is about 30 m2 and has got a beautiful cross vault. It is so called “Skatheimat”.
Otto Pech, genannt Pix (1882-1950)

The Altenburgian sculptor and painter Otto Pech (Pix) became entrusted with the design of the room and also the extensive wall ornamental painting. With his sui humorously generis he painted a „Skat“ scenery that dominate thewhole room. He used all elements and figures from the conventional playing cards in Altenburg. Walter Sachse although helped him. In addition to the cadre of the collection from „Vereinigte Altenburg Stralsunder Spielkartenfabriken AG became afford gifts and loan collections by Altenburgians. The citizen Julius Benndorf got merits for the formation of the museum of playing cards in an exceptional manner.
In the 1990s room „Skatheimat“ were extensive restored. A small exhibition about the life and works from Otto Pech is in this inimitable room today.