The "Sibyllen-cabinet"

Zentral im Bild die Grotte im Sibyllenkabinett
In central European art scenery authentic preserved baroque porcelain- and art cabinets are a rarity. The Altenburg variant from such a princely representation rooms gets into a filed particular creation. In 1734/35, the cabinet was built-in by order of duchess Magdalene Auguste, by plans from the Altenburg sculptor Johann Christoph Meil. Gilded brackets carry the showpiece from porcelain and glass. Four small glass cases have its assembly on a console table. A special eye-catcher is a grotto, decorated with mussels and glimmer. A wooden chimney emphasise a situation in another corner. It shows a mine inside.
In 19th century the name “Sibyllenkabinett” was common. It is reminiscent of the art sensible duchess Magdalena Sibylle (1617-1668). Parts of glass inventory will associate with hers passion for collecting.
The “Sibyllen-cabinet“ has always open and was restored in last time.