The artisanal inventory of the collection with religious context in castle museum comprised interesting and art historical valuable works from Thuringia and Saxon area. The collection was amassed fundamentally by „Geschichts- und Altertumsforschende Gesellschaft“ of „Osterland“ in 19th and 20th century.
The exactly origin from particular sculpture and altars as well as its carving workshop are unfortunately only still verifiable partly. A lot of this sculptures were primarily in groups of several figures or in altars. From 1951 to the end of the sixties the objects were exposed in the “Red Tops”. Because this building, rest of a former collegiate church of a monastery, and exhibits let integrate as regards content unison this seemed as an apposite place for the exhibition.
Several altars are currently in different churches as loan. The altar of saint Martin is in north apse in collegiate church „Wechselburg“, Marian coronation as „Predella“ and the altar of saint Laurentius are in „St. Bartholomäi church“ in Altenburg plus the centre part from a late gothic Marian altar is in “St. Jacobus chapel” in Gera.