Rural Folklore

paneled post and beam room

Bohlenstube und bäuerliche Tracht des Altenburger Landes
The Altenburgian farming community is multifarious in history and customs. The fertile soils conduced to agricultural progress as a good pledge. Peasant and peasant woman are attributed to the names „Malcher“ and „Marche“.
Their costume is independent. The sumptuous worked headdress for the unmarried woman, the so-called „Hormt“, is prominent.

Since 1902, a paneled post and beam room is built-in in castle rooms. It is from 1766 and was the living room of the crofter Gottfried Meyner from Wilchwitz. As a paneled post and beam room is named the sitting rooms from Altenburg pleasent were the workaday life was happen. These are hold down rooms, whose walls aren’t from brick but from timber planks. This rooms are not only living or dinning rooms in rural house, rather they were utility rooms such as for wash the laundry. For Altenburg district is detected, that paneled post and beam rooms are virtual identical each other and ever with a functional mostly undecorated furnishings.