Royal living rooms wait for guests in the third floor. The living rooms are based on the alteration and the extension in the first part of 18th century. Because of the enhanced floor plan of the west wing to north the floors extensive enlarged. Rooms interconnected in visual axes represent generousness and wideness. The architecture ranks in will to an effectively representing. The baroque cubature in Altenburg castle is kept to today.
A goodly number of rooms are characterized by ceiling paintings and adjacent stucco zone. Topic borrowed from antique mythology dominate whit it or pictorial representations correspondent with saga and allegories. That is conform to the liking for date of origin. Several ceiling paintings are attributed to the Italian artist and plasterer family. A proportionate work by the Gothaer court painter Johann Heinrich Ritter can be assumed at the paintings.
The original baroque interior is exist no longer. Old inventory refer about character and furnishing of the rooms and there use, too. Amongst others there are a bed-chamber at the electoral corner chamber and an electoral audience chamber. the museum guest locally find the detail description.
Today, paintings, electoral portraits, furniture, sculptures and pocelain from castle existence form arrangements which nearly simulate the original time and be in accord with the room architecture. In the last thirty years there where a lot of restorations from several rooms. In terms of color and bound to a picture frames came to light thereby which were covert. Further restorations will follow. Today’s additions, for example textile wall covering, help to renew an authentic or aesthetic overall picture of rooms.