Bernhard August von Lindenau (1779-1854) was the most outstanding Altenburg personality from 18th and 19th century because of his natural- and sociological as well as political engagement. He made art collections of international importance over to his home town. Early Italian panels, a collection of Greek-Etruscan vases and plaster casting by sculptures of antiquity, renaissance and classicism. In 1845, Lindenau already regulated the establishment his collection of far eastern and early „Meißen“ porcellains in ducal armoury in Altenburg castle. The first half of the 19th century was characterise in dwindling interest in eastern art. So, Lindenau’s concerning connoisseurship and the resultant systematic collection structure is all the more amazing.
In the time of 1820 until 1826, Lindenhau’s act at the court of duke von Sachsen-Gotha-Altenburg may him gave the occasion to acquire porcelain from princely property. There aren’t faithful certificates, but the sets of vases and plates were primarily design for the appointment of European castles. 1827, Bernhard August von Lindenau entered in Saxon civil service, was ambassador of kingdom Saxon in Federal Parliament in Frankfurt/Main and held agencies as Cabinet minister, prime minister and minister of the interior. To his remit belonged the custody of Dresden art collection. In this relation he should had got continuative impulses and suggestions for his own collection. It is attestable, that Lindenau bought double from Dresden porcelain collection.
The china collection of Bernhard August von Lindenau has got a high-quality and seemed to follow aims as regards content. So, all early Meißen articles exclusively have got „Indian decors“ – should here to become apparent the influence Chinas and Japans to European china design?
The prior-ranking far eastern export porcelains are reflective of baroque splendour expansion and representation needs of former owner and so they announce from a exceptionally section European lifestyle. As elements of decoration and luxury objects, they occupy the charm of inscrutable strangeness. The ascertainment of rich imagery and the interpretation figurative contents weren’t of importance.
The actual presentation of china collection from Bernhard August von Lindenau comes up to more aspects. It announce to his generous patronage plus his collection activity which is embossed by prospective, intricate and high expert knowledge. The assembly in former princely living- and representation rooms conform the primal intended use.