In the year 1991, there was bought a substantial collection of historic clocks. This has its place in the poolroom from the late 19th century.
It is the collection of master clockmaker Paul Kretschmann (1874-1955), which had had a little clock museum at the market places in Altenburg. The belief gained influence that the collection in castle museum and museum for playing cards can be at disposal for a by far bigger public. From a ordinary sundial to a sophisticated clock with automata the collection obtains a unusual scope across the centuries. It shows thereby brilliant single pieces.
Dirk Sparborth, certified as master watch maker in renowned „Glashütte“, who conducts his jewellery, watches and clocks shop, in third generation in Altenburg, is responsible for the care and restoration of the timekeeper. He also regular performs events in the serial „Sonntagsführungen”.

Also parts from former ducal property belongs to the collection of clocks and watches in the museum. Artisanal the so-called „Landschaftsuhr“ from 1712 is outstand.
Also the technical and tonal refinement of the clockwork is brilliant (Jacob Mayr, Augsburg). This monumental clock, what looks like a decoration furniture, was a present for duke Frederic II. von Saxon-Gotha-Altenburg from the Altenburg estates of the country.