In the collection and exhibition the cut and thrust weapons from different times are outstanding. The exhibition offers formative and beautiful parts. The armour of horse and horseman, from the late Middle Ages, indicate that this kind of warfare calls for a good constitution.
Remarkable is a blackamoor on a plinth from the 17th century which is a target and performs a rash if it is hurt. It conduce to amusement of spectators by jousts. Also this exhibit illustrates the weakness of ethics and morality play when the theme is the millennia trade of arms.
The exhibition is forced by a territorial integration. So for example become examine the deployment of troops and the sieges of the wars of liberation from 1812/1813. Neither the Altenburgian alliance nor the town by itself were uninvolved from the happening. Finally Leipzig wasn't so far, the area for the important battle of nation in 1813.
Engraving or inlays on weapons show impressive handicraft. Dissimilarity military headgears, remember of German spiked helmet, quasi seems to make culture- and military history. In the exhibition the visitor can find a history of technique of firearms on the basis of typical arms from 16th till 20th century.